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Quality and service need to be the focus! Save yourself the heartache and grief dealing with a "cheap deal." Include some quality, service and a drop of common sense into your budget We have been in the flooring and tile industry for close to 30 years and have seen a lot of changes throughout that period. Lately the priority for consumers seems to be price. Considering the economic climate throughout the world we understand why focusing on price might seem like the right thing to do. Unfortunately, focusing solely on price is a huge mistake when it comes to flooring, tile and rug products. We have personally spoken with many consumers over the years and while they always want the best price, their real concerns usually outweigh the "cheapest price." When you shop for, and get, the cheapest price, you are usually taking a very big risk. Less than reputable companies selling the same products we sell usually give you a cheaper price for one of the following reasons.

Bait & Switch - We have all heard of this one: sell you something and ship something else. Unfortunately this happens more than you think. They will either convince you to buy something else, ship you something different or cut corners and send you substituted accessories instead of the correct ones.

They won't be in business much longer - Lately this has been a huge problem. A company sells you an order cheaper than they should because they're closing and don't plan on paying their suppliers. While you might say to yourself, "why do I care about that?" trust us, you need to. While the manufacturer will traditionally be responsible for any warranty issues or post-purchase product related questions, they often use the dealer as a medium. If the company you purchased from is no longer in business, receiving customer service could be very difficult.

Companies with no structure - They may tell you "our price is lower because we have no overhead". Allow us to translate: that means you get no service and no one to call if you need help. Most of these small companies, online or locally, have a few sales people and that's it. Once the sale is over, so is the service.

Non-authorized dealers - Some small outfits or brokers will sell flooring online, then buy it from someone else and just make a small markup on the order. These people are usually not authorized to sell the products. This can cause you major grief should you need support, and of course your warranty will not be valid.

Why you should buy your products from us? When it comes down to it, making some room in your budget for quality and service will get you the value you're looking for. If you buy from us we will guarantee you this: You'll get the absolute most competitive, real bottom line price from a factory authorized dealer that has been in this industry since 1979. What you buy is what you get. We will only ship you exactly what you ordered and it will be first quality, factory manufactured products. Someone to call in a real department of a real company for any reason whatsoever. Whether you have an installation question or a product problem, we'll be here for you. You will deal with a company here in the United States (Florida to be exact). When you call our offices you will talk with a real human not a computer, and it will be someone here in our country.

Buying from us you will also be supporting jobs here in the U.S. We don't use any offshore call centers. Hopefully you'll see the value dealing with a strong company such as ours. We would love the opportunity to earn your business and make sure you get the product and service you deserve. We just want you to know we're here for you now and we will continue to be here for you in the future.