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    By comparison, Stepco is the new kid on the flooring block though a kid with a quarter century of experience. Stepcos founders have been in the flooring business since 1979. When they started the company, their primary goal was to provide top quality flooring at sensible prices a goal they achieved by reducing operating costs and maintaining high product quality. To control costs, Stepco chose to promote their products exclusively on the Internet, the least expensive and largest medium in the world, instead of traditional, high-priced forums. To maintain product integrity, Stepco contracts a consultant to monitor factory production of each product they sell. Additionally, since their products are manufactured worldwide, Stepco utilizes third-party laboratory testing to ensure products conform to specifications. To say Stepcos product line is large and diverse is an understatement. They currently provide hardwood, laminate, bamboo, and cork flooring, with ceramic tile flooring soon to join the Stepco line.

    Stepco-Allegiance Artisan Collection

    From $60.46

    Stepco-Allegiance Newcastle Collection

    From $45.14

    Stepco-American Traditions

    From $39.74


    From $33.32

    Stepco-Grand Choice Collection

    From $35.90

    Stepco-Oakview Wideplank

    From $41.29

    Stepco-Pro Grade Wideplank

    From $35.11

    Stepco-Reclaimed Rustics

    From $26.30


    From $34.88

    Stepco-Value Click Lock

    From $30.06

    Stepco-Western 12MM

    From $37.47