Pricing Information works with various sources throughout the industry to match you up with the best products at the lowest legitimate prices. You may ask why we say "legitimate" prices. Many of the web sites currently selling flooring online have been playing games with the products and prices in an attempt to confuse customers. They will mark the flooring lower, then mark up the accessories or shipping, or offer free shipping then mark up the products. Some even use the old bait and switch tactic where they show a product at a price they can't realistically deliver, take your order, then tell you it's not available and try to switch you to a lower grade product where they make more money.
Using to source your purchase will eliminate these games and underhanded tactics.
Here's a simple question: Why are you searching on the Internet for flooring, tile or rugs? Most likely, the answer is that you want a better selection than you'll found locally but more importantly you are trying to save some time and money! We are constantly working with our affiliates and partners to do our best to make sure we bring you the best price quotes possible.
While we may not be able to always find you the absolute lowest price, we will always find you the best possible honest price available.