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    Forbo Vinyl Flooring Products

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    Many have marveled at the ability of Forbo to deliver such bright and captivating colors on their vinyl flooring. Their one-of-a-kind line of vinyl can be attributed to their dedicated design team, that continues to push the limits of flooring design. 

    Forbos vinyl is certified sustainable flooring, is easy to keep clean, and is made from re-newable, natural ingredients. Their vast array of vinyl is ideal for addressing concerns with allergens and respiratory disorders, and also features naturally antistatic and antimicrobial qualities. For the best in vinyl, including look and feel, Forbo has the flooring for you.

    Marmoleum Composition Tile (MCT)

    From $3.07

    Forbo-Allura 11 x 59

    From $171.80

    Forbo-Allura 12 x 71

    From $188.56

    Forbo-Allura 6 x 40

    From $122.70

    Forbo-Allura 8 x 48

    From $117.80

    Forbo-Allura Flex Stone

    From $140.46

    Forbo-Allura Flex Wood 11 x 59

    From $196.66

    Forbo-Allura Flex Wood 8 x 39

    From $131.11

    Forbo-Allura Flex Wood 8 x 47

    From $134.85

    Forbo-Allura Stone 19 x 19

    From $122.70

    Forbo-Marmoleum Modular Textura

    From $187.93

    Forbo-Static Control Tile Colorex EC

    From $335.38

    Forbo-Static Control Tile Colorex SD

    From $301.21

    Forbo-Wallbase Cove 4-inch

    From $142.04

    Forbo-Wallbase Cove 6-inch

    From $183.44

    Forbo-Wallbase Straight 4-inch

    From $142.04

    Forbo-Wallbase Straight 6-inch

    From $183.44