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    Columbia Flooring is a division of Columbia Forest Products, a manufacturer of hardwood plywood that began in Klamath Falls, Oregon in 1957. As one of Columbia Forest Products twenty North American facilities, Columbia Flooring produces both solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring. For more than 45 years, Columbia Forest Products has been perfecting and expanding their product line, and the results are impressive. Today, their Columbia Flooring division offers a selection of wood species, collections, and colors that is second to none. To make a good thing even better, all of their engineered hardwood flooring installs by the no-glue, click-together methodthe preference of do-it-yourselfers everywhere.

    Columbia Flooring-Adams Oak Signature 3

    From $100.67

    Columbia Flooring-Adams Oak Signature 5

    From $122.93

    Columbia Flooring-Ashby 7

    From $208.25

    Columbia Flooring-Beckham Engineered 5

    From $130.80

    Columbia Flooring-Beckham Hickory 2

    From $104.39

    Columbia Flooring-Beckham Hickory 3

    From $110.00

    Columbia Flooring-Beckham Hickory 5

    From $131.48

    Columbia Flooring-Beckham Maple 2

    From $104.39

    Columbia Flooring-Beckham Maple 3

    From $112.46

    Columbia Flooring-Beckham Maple 5

    From $151.81

    Columbia Flooring-Claremont 5

    From $133.95

    Columbia Flooring-Congress Oak 2 1/4

    From $92.16

    Columbia Flooring-Congress Oak 3 1/4

    From $95.92

    Columbia Flooring-Hayden 5

    From $133.62

    Columbia Flooring-Wimberly Engineered 5

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