About FastFloors

FastFloors.com was originally founded back in 1994. Over twenty years later, FastFloors.com features a huge online shopping catalog of nearly 400,000 flooring, tile, area rug and related products. Using the advanced FastFloors.com shopping system, you are able to see images, specifications, installation instructions, and pricing* for just about every major brand product available.

In addition to all of the specific product information, on FastFloors.com you'll also find a wealth or articles, ratings and general information to help guide you in your search for the perfect flooring or tile products. You can also use our highly advanced search tool to help narrow down your search.

Savings and Benefits

FastFloors.com works with several affiliates and partners in the industry to bring you the most competitive pricing* available. Our proprietary software allows us to help match you to the best flooring, tile and area rug products and the best source for those products. Our website and software is used by contractors, designers, architects and homeowners throughout the world. Our goal at FastFloors.com has always been to be the best source on the Internet.

The Difference

With most flooring web sites you'll find online that actually sell the products, there's a lot of pressure for them to "make the sale". In a lot of cases this means substandard products and bad service. At FastFloors.com that pressure doesn't exist. Our goal is to provide you with all of the information possible to make an intelligent choice. Once you're ready, you are then welcome to use our flooring quote system to obtain the best price possible. In addition to comparing all of this on our site, you can also call and be directly connected to a Flooring Specialist through one of our affiliate companies.

Go ahead, look around, ask questions, read articles, talk to someone, we're here for you.